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one line at a time.

We’ve developed amazing projects for…

A&E Networks

Adobe Systems

Cost Plus World Market

Fox Networks

Scripps Networks Interactive

Google partnered with Jess3

Toys "R" Us Inc.


Travel Channel

Pep Boys Auto

  • Since working with Masuga Design, we’ve never looked back.
    These guys are truly awesome and experts in ExpressionEngine.

    — Amy Palmer, Senior VP; Daily Planet Marketing

  • Masuga Design is a great strategic partner—they’re magic.
    Their knowledge of ExpressionEngine is invaluable.

    — Chris Converse, Partner; Codify Design Studio

  • …so passionate about what they do that it’s borderline obsession.
    They’ll stop at nothing to solve a problem.

    — Jason Clewell, Creative/Interactive Director; Concentric Marketing

You design it — we’ll make it work.
Development you can depend on.

We thrive on partnering with agencies. As a go-to development partner, we make designs functional through creative coding and strong skills in front-end development, from one project to another.

Our workload is reasonable, allowing us to do our best work for clients who are the best fit. If we’re working together, you know we’re not too busy for you.

Effective CMS development. We make complex site functionality a reality. Whether one person or a team of twenty is responsible for your content, we deploy the right tools and direction to empower content creators to maintain and update a site with confidence.

We are passionate about providing you with the best possible CMS solutions.

Detail oriented creativity. Whether it’s custom additions to content management systems, information dense APIs, exchanging data with CRMs, complex Javascript interactions, or responsive layouts, we’re up to the task.

We distill complex requirements into applications that work, one carefully crafted line at a time.

Meet Our Team

We’re a small team, and each of us brings unique skills to the table.
Take a moment to get a better look at who we are.

Ryan Masuga


Everything I know about web development came through countless hours of experimentation and a desire to solve problems. I’m meticulous and concerned with the details - and that’s reflected in our work.

I’m fortunate to have assembled a talented team that produces great work and always teaches me new things. I love what I do.

When I’m not working I enjoy reading, working out, and spending time with my wife and two children.


Ben Kohl

Lead Developer

I love to experiment with and develop for PHP web frameworks and content management systems. If one of our projects requires custom functionality, I am here to build it. When I am not writing code, I can be found watching sporting events, playing with my son or reading a good book


Alex Carpenter

Front-End Developer

I really enjoy the process of design and development. Building websites from the ground up is an extremely rewarding experience. Outside of work I can usually be found biking downtown or knee-deep in a local river fly fishing with my wife.


David DeHaan

Back-End Developer

I enjoy figuring out how things work, and then using that knowledge to create something tangible from an idea. Outside of work, my hobbies are vintage video games, running, and spending time with my beautiful wife Sarah and with my sons Andrew and Ben.


Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

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Lamplighter #internal

Lamplighter is a web application we developed to help manage the sites we’ve built and maintain. It gives us a centralized view of activities across all of our sites, whether managed with a CMS or not. We built it for us, and if you run a web shop it will be useful for you too.

Lamplighter will save you time, help you stay on top of updating your sites, provide great insight into the life of your sites. Lamplighter will help you make more money by empowering you to approach your clients proactively about updates and optimization.

  • placeIMG
  • placeIMG Controls
  • placeIMG Generated image of bacon #internal

In early stages of a project, it’s common to use placeholder images in the layout. There are several tools that generate FPO pics already, but we thought we could do a few things better.

We used the Slim framework to rapidly develop a site that delivered hand-picked images from 500px and flickr based on your exact specs. You can download the images or place links directly in your code. We even have plugins for various CMS platforms. Within one month we served over 1 million images and were featured on blogs around the globe. If you need FPO images for your project, check out placeIMG.

We are devot:ee

We are devot:ee #internal

If you are an ExpressionEngine® developer, then is very likely an essential resource for you. We created and maintain this most vital and useful website for EE developers the world over.

devot:ee contains the most comprehensive catalog of ExpressionEngine add-ons anywhere, and sells almost every commercial EE add-on under the sun. We are the most heavily visited third-party site devoted to the ExpressionEngine CMS.

Visit or follow @devot_ee on Twitter.

Link Vault

Link Vault #software

This is our popular ExpressionEngine add-on that protects your local and remote download links, tracks all downloads, tracks and blocks leech attempts and disguises any other link URLs you’d like to protect. You can run download reports from the control panel. There are also hooks and a PHP library available so you can extend Link Vault’s functionality. Read the docs for more information.

  • Google Elections
  • Ability to draw on canvas with finger using JS
  • Google employee speaking with the media

Google Elections #work

We were enlisted by JESS3 to develop a slideshow for Google Elections, to be used on site at the 2012 presidential debates. JESS3 designed the content of the slides from data supplied by Google, and we used ExpressionEngine and JavaScript to create multiple slideshows for display on two large 65” touchscreens.

The presenter could swipe the screen with their hands to navigate through the slides, and could also access a hidden menu to switch slide sets, use drawing tools to draw on any slide with their fingers, or jump to any other slide.

  • Ryan's Action Shot
  • Using an iPad for Score Input
  • Saving the Score and Using the Dashboard to Display Results

Dashboard:Pong #internal

We play a lot of ping pong, and record every game played. Using Laravel, we made a dashboard that grabs information via our pong site’s API and show us everyone’s current stats in amazing detail.

Scores are entered on an iPad, and the current stats are displayed on a dedicated Pong Stats dashboard page on the 60” monitor we use in the office as our information radiator.

What we bring to the table

CMS Development

A content management system is much more than software and a theme. No project is too complex or too big. We customize experiences based on ExpressionEngine,
CraftCMS, and Statamic.

PHP Development

We excel at custom PHP development and have built websites and APIs using the Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Slim frameworks.

Front-End Development

We’re very skilled at realizing responsive designs in HTML and CSS, and have considerable JavaScript chops.

Information Architecture

IA is not an optional part of the process. When it comes to mapping and planning your new site or auditing your current site, our experience is invaluable.

Let us know how we can help
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If you’re looking for a developer to code your next great thing or you’re in the planning stages and need direction…we’re here to help. We are an excellent strategic partner at any point in the process.

We look forward to hearing from you!